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CES Working Papers

ISSN: 2067 - 7693

Edited by
Centre for European Studies
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
of Iasi,


Volume XI     Issue 3    |     2019

  Published on-line: October 2019

French Press on the Romanian and Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union

| Antoanela-Paula MUREȘAN

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China's linkages and leverages in Central and Eastern Europe - a new challenge for EU

| Bogdan Lucian CUMPĂNAŞU

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Aspects regarding human capital and its influence on the competitiveness of firms in the European Union
  | Larisa PANTEA
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The effects of work stress and trust in managers on employee turnover intentions

| Sebastian URIEȘI

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Exploring the consumer profile of students. An economic approach

| Mihaela Brindusa TUDOSE

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The trend of the Romanian migration flow explained by means of statistical models


| Daniela Gabriela COZMA, Margareta BOCANCIA


| Full text: PDF


The European Investigation Order - an instrument of cooperation for a stronger European Union

| Alina Ioana SZABO

| Full text: PDF


Quo vadis, European Union?


| Vladimir-Adrian COSTEA

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